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A.D.I. Introduction

When you join L.D.C. you are assured that you will receive the best possible training and preparation for all three parts of you're Driving Instructors A.D.I. Course. We will do more then train you for the tests, we will endeavor to ensure that you are a competent A.D.I. once all the tests are passed. You will be made aware of all the commercial aspects of the job and how to deal with your pupils on a day to day basis to maximize your teaching and minimize your financial losses with time management.

Being a Driving Instructor can be very rewarding for lots of reasons, not only financial, but in no way is it as easy as it looks. Finding the right training is the first step to a successful career.

Don't let anyone tell you that the training is easy. This is a very difficult course, which is why all of our training is on a one to one basis, so that you can train at your own pace without having to worry about other people. There is no magic answer to becoming an A.D.I. just hard work, determination and the best training school who can prove that not just some of there trainees pass there final exam, but at least 99%.

All L.D.C. Instructors have been trained here. To some extent, most of them have started at part 1 and worked there way through their exams the L.D.C. way, but others have failed with other training establishments and then started here on Parts 2 or 3. Whatever stage of your training you will be assured that you will get the best possible training from the experienced Instructors. If you decide to work on a trainee licence you will receive full support from the office staff and all other instructors at L.D.C. because they have all been where you are now.

Training for any new career is a nerve racking but exciting time, so it is important that you know the background of the company you are training with and what future prospects are available with the training company. The following pages will give you a little more insight into the company, the training and the expected income.

Training for the Part 1 Test

Training for the theory test

Our office staff will guide you through all of the stages to your new career from your CRB check to starting your own business. For the small cost of £ 56.00 you can book a 2 hour appointment that will answer all of your questions and sort out your entire course and form filling, in order for you to start you training.

We do not take pre payments for full courses you will only pay for what you have, for the theory test you will do all you training in your own time at your own pace, you will be using recommend books and CDs to study from, but we are always available if you need any help.

You are training for a test that requires a very high standard of knowledge, you will be required to answer 100 questions and complete a hazard perception test, all of the questions are multiple choices, and some may require more that one answer. The test has a time limit of 90 minutes to complete the first part of the 100 questions. In order to pass this section you must reach a minimum score of 80% on each of the 4 bands listed below and have an overall pass mark of 85% out of 100.

You will then you will take your hazard perception test which is 14 video clips. On your test you will have to identify developing hazards, the pass mark is over 57 out of 75.

Banding of questions is as follows:-

  • Road Procedure
  • Traffic Signs and Signals, Car Controls, Pedestrians, Mechanical Knowledge.
  • Driving Test, Disabilities, Law
  • Publications, Instructional Techniques

Once you have left the Test Centre with you pass certificate you can start training for your Part 2 Driving Test.

Training for the Part 2 Test

In Order to pass your Part 2 test you must reach the required standard on your eyesight test which is currently 27.5 meters with the aid of glasses, if worn for driving.

This Exam requires a very high level of progressive and well planned driving.

The slow maneuvers that will be required are left and right hand reverse, a turn in the road, reverse bay parking, reversing in between two parked cars and the emergency stop. The exam is carried out over all different roads and traffic conditions and will last about 1 hour.

To pass this test you must not make more the 6 minor faults and no major faults. You will only be allowed three attempts at this so we always try for a first time pass.

We recommend 20 hours one to one training to reach test standard, but everyone is different. You will be assessed on your first booking. You will also be required to put in lots of hours of practice on your own. The amount of in car tuition is far more then you will receive from any other training centre. As you are not sharing your time with another trainee we are able to change you from a good driver to a great driver.

Our lessons are booked in 2 hour sessions, again this is at times to suit, during normal office hours. The lessons can be taken in your own car or a school car which ever you feel more comfortable with, this also applies to the test.

Having a school car for the test is charged at the normal 2 hour rate.

If any further training is required it will be charged at £30 per hour including VAT.

If for any reason you choose not to complete the course no refund are given.

Training for the Part 3 Test

This is section 2 of your L.D.C. training and by far the hardest to get to grips with.

The Part 3 test consists of passing a rigorous test of instructional ability, the test lasts 1 hour and is split into two half-hour sessions.

A supervising examiner will play the role of a new driver for the first part, followed by a part trained or nearly test standards driver for the second half. The examiner will tell you what areas of tuition he would like you to concentrate on. To pass you will need to get a grade of 4,5, or 6 for both sections.

For this section of training we will give you 40 hours of one to one training. This is provided in 2-hour sessions, covering all aspects of the test requirement. Most of the training is in car, but classroom sessions will be necessary to cover your lesson plans, along with this you will need to do hours of homework to prepare for you in car sessions.

Our instructors are experts at training potential A.D.I.'s, to the required standard, but a lot of effort on your behalf is required.

Once you have completed your 40 hours you can apply for a trainee licence that will enable you to give paid lessons for 6 months if you are sponsored by L.D.C. or any other Driving School. This can help greatly to gain experience for your final test but is not compulsory.

If for any reason you decide not to complete the training no refunds are given.

We hope that the information we have given is of some help. We realize that training for a new career can be a daunting task and choosing the right training centre is not and easy thing to do either, so if you have any questions do not hesitate to phone the office on 01283 545900 or book and appointment with Les or JAnet for an informal chat.