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Les ChurchleyLes Churchley
Les is one the directors of LDC Falcon LTD and has been an Instructor since 1981. He trains all the Instructors that work for the company, and has helped many more get through check tests and their part 1, 2, 3 qualifying exams.


Janet ChurchleyJanet Churchley
Janet is the other director of LDC Falcon LTD and is mainly office based. She covers Instructor training and development, accounts and advertising, she is always on hand to give advice on any training requirements.


Office Staff

Joanne ChurchleyJoanne Churchley
Joanne has been working at LDC as the general manager since of the beginning of 2012, she will be happy to talk to you regarding any aspects of LDC Including motorcycle training, B+E training & sales.


Tasha SkillicornTasha Skillicorn
Tasha has been working for LDC since 2015 and she completed her Level 2 customer service NVQ in the first year. She has now been promoted to the workshop manager and will be happy to assist in any workshop, repair queries or bike sales. Tash will also be happy to help you with any training and sales enquires.


Laura PearceLaura Pearce
Laura joined LDC at the beginning of 2019 working in the office alongside Jo and Tasha. She will be happy to help with booking your CBTs and DAS courses.


Call: 01283 545900 or Email:



Jon is a Suzuki trained technician who is also an ex Suzuki apprenticeship officer with many years racing experience. He will be happy to discuss any technical issues or workshop requirements.



Steve ShaklesSteve Shakles
Steve has been at LDC since the beginning of 2011, he is a fully qualified bike DAS and CBT instructor as well as a trained B+E instructor and HGV driver. Steve is also a fully qualified motorcycle technician. 


Dave LanghamDave Langham
Dave was previously a policeman, he retrained and qualified as a Motorcycle DAS instructor in 2010. Dave is also a trained trailer instructor for B+E. He covers the Burton site for DAS & CBT training. As well as CBT &DAS qualified Dave is also an enhanced rider trainer.


 James Richards
James joined LDC in 2021 as a fully qualified DAS instructor covering both our Burton and Stoke training sites. Before joining our team James starting in the industry in 2010 as an ADI then switched to motorcycle training in 2014. He will be happy to help with any DAS or CBT enquires and works Monday-Sunday.


 Neil Burton
Neil joined us in 2018 and covers both our Burton and Stoke site running CBTs. Working Monday-Sunday he is always happy to help. Neil qualified in 2021 as a DAS instructor and covers both our sites for DAS training now as well.


Tony FaulknerTony Faulkner
Tony joined LDC in 2023 as a CBT instructor. He works Monday-Saturday at our Burton training site.


 Alex Gal
Alex joined LDC in 2019 as a CBT instructor and covers both the Burton & Stoke training sites. He works Monday - Sunday and is due to undergo his DAS instructor training in 2022 to become a fully qualified DAS instructor.


 Andy Traynor
Andy joined the LDC team in 2020 as a CBT instructor covering both our Burton and Stoke training sites. He works Monday-Sunday and is always happy to help with any questions regarding CBT training.


 Martin Ellerton
Martin has been with LDC since 2020 as a CBT instructor. He is a retired police motorcyclist and has been involved with motorcycle training for many years. Martin works at our Burton site Monday-Sunday.



 Joanne Churchley
Joanne has be training the B+E pupils since 2018 when she isn’t working in the office at our Burton Site. She works 5 days a week offering 1 to 1 training sessions for companies and the general public.



Below are some of the Instructors that have qualified by training with LDC

  • Iain Corr
  • John Harvey
  • Kevin Murphy
  • Jon Lester
  • Dave Foster
  • Mick Paupe
  • Kevin Broomfield
  • Carol Warner
  • Peter Paxton
  • Garry Dennis
  • James Woodings
  • Paul Butcher
  • Andy Hamilton
  • Steve Hill
  • Mark Storre
  • Alan Hammant
  • Dawn Perris
  • Ian Moor
  • Pete Millington
  • Winston Reid
  • Malcolm Spencer
  • Derek Jarvice
  • George Chadwick
  • Nick McLaughlan
  • Alex McNeill
  • Paul Askew
  • Jayne Newbold
  • Paul Simms
  • Sandra Taylor
  • Carl Timms
  • Javed Hussain
  • Steve Hunt
  • Trevor Raynor
  • Steven Bajkawski
  • Paul Campion
  • Julie Roberts
  • Seaeed Sadaff
  • Lynn Walters
  • Angela Wells
  • John Welch
  • David Baker
  • Ian Howe
  • Matt Perris
  • John Paupe